ProbeApp for Centroid CNC12

ProbeApp for Mill & Routers that integrates with Centroid CNC12

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ProbeApp Configuration

Default Window Position

All windows of the ProbeApp have a fixed Upper Left corner. If a different position of the ProbeApp screens is preferred, move the top left corner of the Configuration Window to the preferred position and press the Get current Position from this Window button.

Confirm Button Text

The default Button Text on each ProbeApp screen to kick off the probing cycle is START.

Change this text if desired.

Probing Cycle File Name and Location

The ProbeApp dynamically creates all the probing moves required based on the users selection in tha app. When the START button is pressed, the probing moves are saved into a file for CNC12 to execute.

By default the name and location of this file is


Change the file name and location if preferred.

NOTE that you need to adjust the mfunc58.mac (or any other macros you used to call the probing_cycle.cnc file) manually.

Enable Return Feature

If this feature is enabled, a Check-Box named Return will appear on each Probing Cycle Screen next to the START Button:

If Return is checked when the START Button is clicked, the ProbeApp will add commands to the probing cycle file that will re-open the ProbeApp after the probing cycle has finished.

This feature is useful when the ProbeApp is being started from a running job, e.g. a M6 tool change command (mfunc6.mac). This will allow to execute several different probing cycles while the job is still in the M6 tool change hold to set WCS and Tool Height Offsets and then let the job continue after all probing has been completed.

Show Probed Measurements

Note that this setting only impacts a probing cycle that will set WCS. The default behavior is to display the probed measurements first and on a second screen present the WCS coordinates that will be set.

Unchecking this box will skip the first display of the probed measurements.

The text box Displayed Confirmation Text allows to customize the text that’s been presented on the measurement display.

Show Set WCS Confirmation Message

The default behavior is to display the Set WCS display first before WCS is being set. This allows to cancel the probing cycle before WCS is set if needed.

Unchecking this box will skip the Set WCS display and will directly set WCS without needed user intervention.

If it is preferred that a probing cycle automatically sets WCS without needed user interventions, uncheck this box together with the Show Probed Measurements check box.

The text box Displayed Confirmation Text allows to customize the text that’s been presented on the Set WCS display.

Clamp Warning Message

This text box allows to cuctomize the Clamp Warning Message.