ProbeApp for Centroid CNC12

ProbeApp for Mill & Routers that integrates with Centroid CNC12

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How to get Started with ProbeApp

Touch Probe only

If your system has only a Touch Probe configured, there’s nothing else you need to do after the ProbeApp installation. The ProbeApp will be ready for all Touch Probe probing cycles right after installation.

Tool Touch Off devices, Triple Corner Finder Plate and Touch Probe Combinations

If you have any combinations of these Probing Devices and you want to add these devices into your work flow to improve efficiency, it is highly recommended that you start with the Tool Offsetter cycle. This cycle will walk you trough a Guided Setup with a Questionnaire and will determine the optimal configuration based on the answers to these questions.

At the end of the Configuration step, the Tool Offsetter will give you a Instruction list telling you which cycle to use for your situation.

Based on many posts on the Centroid Forum, there’s a lot of confusion when it comes to finding the right way to measure Tool Height Offsets as the process can be different based on machine type and tool holding options. The ProbeApp-Tool Offsetter will remove the complexity of finding the right method as it will automatically enforce the correct method based on the responses given during the Guided Setup.

I have to admit that I did struggle with this subject as well when I started with the Centroid Acorn board and when I did not use my machine for a few weeks, I had to go back to my notes to make sure I’m doing the Tool Height Offset measurement correctly again.

With the ProbeApp-ToolOffsetter there’s no more guessing if I’m doing it right or not as the Tool Offsetter will automatically show me and enforce the correct method.

Instruction Videos and Posts

In this section I will list links to Instruction Videos and Posts for a specific problem/issue. I’m planning to create more Instructional Posts on the Centroid Forum for specific Use Cases and I’ll update this section with any new link.